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I thought actors might be interested to know who different commercial agents/casting directors in town are recommending for commercial audition technique classes, from the well-known to the rising teacher stars.   Thanks to twitter, here’s the results:


Killian McHugh (mentioned by 4 agents)  Killian is both a working  commercial actor and a session runner and seems to have the “cool choice” factor.   He is ALL about booking the job.  Killian also got a huge show of support from tweeting actors when mentioned.  Might be a great match for an advanced actor who already thinks they know everything but still isn’t booking… @KilliansWrkshop

Stuart K. Robinson (mentioned by 4 agents) For some, like @commeagent, there is simply no alternative.  Solid technique from a phenomenal working actor and one of the best known quality classes in town (“name brand”).  You can’t be steered wrong here.

Francene Selkirk (mentioned by 3 agents)  One of the great, long time, CURRENTLY working commercial casting directors.  She really knows of what she speaks. Teaches out of

Carolyne Barry (mentioned by 3 agents) Although she does offer intermediate & advanced classes, her Intro class would be a really great first stop for an actor brand new to the business who’s looking to get into commercials.  There IS a method.  She’s been at this a LONG time and knows the business oh so well.

Michael Donovan (mentioned by 2 including @bonniegillespie) Offers a one day intensive  that “covers it all”, which is a nice option as most classes here are 4-6 weeks.  Michael Donovan is both an actor fan & long time casting director of film, television, theater, and commercials; (currently safe to say he is THE theater casting director in town).

Porter Kelly (mentioned via @diaryofanagent) Working commercial actress who really “helps actors relax and bring their personalities to the audition”.  So much more difficult to do than it sounds!

Fawnda McMahon (mentione via @chaimmagnum)   A particularly affordable option from a caring, working commercial actress who knows her stuff (very regular booker).  Also does private coaching.

Also a big mention (3 agents + many tweeting actors) for general audition/cold reading technique teacher CRAIG WALLACE. Although he does NOT address commercials specifically  in his on-camera class, he does cover audition and cold-reading technique in general, powerfully.  And because he is all about bringing an actors true personality to their work, we find it highly relevant to commercials.  Actors of ALL levels seem to make major breakthroughs here.

More lists coming soon:  Improv, Scene Study, Cold Reading…

This list by no means reflects all the quality classes in town and may be updated at any time.  You should always do your own research, audit a class whenever possible, and use your own good judgment before signing up for any classes.  Any actors that have taken classes with any teachers here are welcome to leave comments!

Some of the participating agents/industry…

@KSRCommercials @AgentCESD @Commeagent @Diaryofanagent @ChaimMagnum @STGActor @LACommAgent @bonniegillespie @TalentAgentLA (me!)


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